Overcome FC Deck

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and this time the design comoes with a story; a story that hits home, my home. It's a story about strength, resiliance and the will to overcome.

Two years ago, my stepdaughter, Kalea was diagnosed with Lymphoma. She endured two rounds of chemo, worked with alternative healers, treatments and herbal remedies. Within a year the tumor had dissolved. Mid 2019 she started to have similar symptoms and was diagnosed again. Facing this new battle, Kalea left her home to be with family and was forced to take a leave of absense from her job and dedicated her time to healing.

This design is a collaborative effort between Kalea and her Aunt, Marisha Steiner to express the inner focus and perseverance it takes to kick cancer's ass. To Kalea, "this artwork represents my near-death experience and the strength that blossomed from my heart in the process. Its placement on a deck is my nostalgic expression to keep pushing on, since the age of seven I've been doing exactly that through skating. This whole piece is a symbolic gesture that no matter the obstacle, I will overcome it." And thus the board's title- "OVERCOME"

We will donate all profits from this deck to the Lymphoma Research Foundation and to Kalea to assist with her healing Journey.

Melissa- Owner of 7Twenty