Crux G2 2018/19 Binding (White)

Rome SDS Crux G2 2018/19 Binding (White)

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Crux G2 2018/19 Binding - White

Flex: 7


Rome has pushed our binding design explorations to bring the feel of Rome UnderWrap technology to the mid-tech performance level. Featuring a new simplified heel hoop design that has three points of under-wrapping connection, the Crux delivers Rome''s signature feel of edge-to-edge power and side-to-side flexibility. New OpenForm toe strap and Minimist ankle strap feature a minimalist design with a moderate flex profiles for lightness and confort. Whether you log 10 days a year or 100, the Crux is the connection you need for railed out turns and tweaked out grabs


  • Full Highback Rotation
  • AsymWrap Fixed Heel Hoop
  • Asym Crux Highback
  • Tool-Free InBase Pad with 1.5-degree Canting
  • Minimist Ankle Strap
  • Open Form Toe Strap
  • EVA SubBase Pad
  • Flex: 7/10